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After logging in to Chronicall Desktop, a Xima ball icon will appear in your task bar. Right-click on it and choose Presence to open the Chronicall Chat window. This window displays a list of all users registered in the phone system and allows you to send chat messages and files to them while they are also logged in. Users who are logged in will have a small chat bubble icon in the top right corner of their box. 
Double click on a user to open a chat window. Type your message into the text field at the bottom and press Enter to send it to them. You can also open a group chat by holding Shift and clicking on each participant, then pressing Enter.
To send a file to another user, open a chat window with them, right-click in the message field, and choose Send File. Navigate to the file you want to send and select it. The receiving user will have the option to accept or reject the file, and once it has been downloaded, they can choose to open the file directly or view it in the file location.
By default, Chat will display all agents. To choose a specific list of agents to display, open the Filter menu in the bottom right corner and choose Select Agents. Check the boxes next to the agents or groups you would like to display, then press OK
To create preset lists of agents, open the Filter menu and choose Create New. Select the agents or groups you would like to add to the filter, give the filter a name, and press OK. To apply this filter, choose it from the Filter menu. To edit or delete a filter later, select the appropriate option from the Manage Filters menu.
Being logged in to Agent Dashboards also adds Realtime data to the Chat window. This Realtime information is called Presence. Presence allows Dashboards agents to view the current call and availability status of each Realtime agent in the Chat window. They can see who is logged in, handling a call, or currently unavailable, and each agent's extension is listed next to their name. This makes transferring calls and finding available agents easier than ever.
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