Dashboard Values

One of the Dashboards tabs that you can access from the Chronicall Homepage is the Dashboards Values tab. This tab allows you to add Realtime values to your agents' Dashboard widgets. Your agents are listed to the left. On the right is a list of the Realtime values you've created. To create a new value, select Add Agent Value at the bottom of the list. Adding a new value here is just like adding a value to a Realtime canvas. Choose a type of value and any filters you would like to use, then press OK.

Your new value will be listed on the right. To add this value to an agent's Dashboard, select an agent, then click the check box next to the value name. All of the selected values will appear in that agent's Dashboard. The blue icon next to each value shows how many agents have been assigned with that value.
The Add General Value button at the bottom of the list will also create a new Realtime value, but these will use general call statistics, while Agent Values will apply specifically to the agent viewing the value. For example, a General Call Count would display a call count for the entire office, while an Agent Call Count would only display the number of calls the agent participated in.
The Dashboard Values tab also lets you create Realtime widgets that will appear alongside the Agent Dashboard on an agent's screen. These are also set up the same way they would be in Realtime Stats. For detailed instructions, see Creating Widgets.
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