Adding Account Codes to Agents

Inbound calls that pop up for Dashboards agents can be tagged with an account code. When an agent begins typing an account code in the inbound pop-up window, a list of codes that have been stored in the system will appear, allowing them to select the correct one. 
To create this list of available codes, open Chronicall and click the Account Codes link on the Chronicall Homepage.
To add a new account code, select Add Account Code. An account code can consist of any combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. To edit or delete an account code after it has been created, select it in the list and click the edit  or delete  icons that appear to the right.
You can also add account codes in bulk. First, create a text file containing the account codes you would like to add. You can separate each code with commas, semicolons, or vertical bars, or place each one on its own line. Once this file has been created, select Bulk Add. Locate the file you created. The account codes in the file will be added to the list.
Each Dashboards agent can be given a different set of account codes that they are able to use. To assign codes to an agent, select the agent in the column on the left, then check the boxes next to the account codes that you want them to be able to use. The blue agent  icon to the right of each account code shows how many agents are able to use that code. You can use theSelect All / None option to quickly select or deselect the entire account code list for the highlighted agent.
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