Realtime Stats

The Realtime Stats feature is perfect for displaying information on a large screen for many agents to see. By arranging pieces of live information called widgets on a virtual canvas, you can create a customized snapshot of your call information that updates in real time.
To access Realtime Stats, select Realtime Stats in the Call History section of the Chronicall Homepage.
Most of the Realtime Stats window is taken up by the canvas. You can easily flip between your previously created canvases by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the screen. To create a new canvas, click the + button at the end of those tabs.
A newly created virtual canvas is as blank as its real-world counterpart. To fill it in, you'll need to place images, text, and widgets on it. Tools to help you create these objects can be found in the top left corner of the screen alongside Save  and Print  buttons. Help Mute , and Full Screen  buttons can be found on the right side of the toolbar. 
Each item you place onto the canvas can be customized to meet your specific needs. To customize an item, click on it and wait for a black box to appear around the object. This is the object boundary. Once it appears, you can click on the object inside and drag it to a new location. The black squares around the edges can be clicked and dragged to resize the object. An Edit  button will also appear in the top right corner of the object boundary. Click on this button to customize the item's other properties.
It is recommended that you save your canvas often to avoid losing work. To save, press the Save button in the top left corner of the screen.
The background of the canvas itself also counts as an object. Clicking on the pencil icon just below the HelpMute, and Full Screen buttons will allow you to customize the canvas' properties, including its width, height, label, and more. To use an image as the canvas background, click the small button to the right of the Background field and choose an image from your computer. Below that is a drop-down menu that lets you choose how you want your image to fill the canvas space. 
  • None - Do not show the background image.
  • Top Left - Pushes the image to the top left corner of the canvas.
  • Tile - Starts the image in the top left corner of the canvas and repeats it as many times as necessary to fill the entire space.
  • Center - Moves the image to the exact center of the canvas.
  • Zoom - Fills the canvas with your image, zooming in or out as necessary to fit one dimension without altering the aspect ratio. This might leave empty spaces to the top and bottom or sides of your image.
  • Stretch - Fills the canvas with your image by stretching its dimensions as necessary. This option will not maintain your aspect ratio and may result in stretchy-looking images.
When you have chosen a background and background position, click Apply to see your changes.
Widgets are objects whose contents can change based on live information recorded by Chronicall and Realtime, although they can also contain static text and images. These include objects like bar graphs, pie graphs, agent boxes similar to those found in Agent Timeline, text boxes, and images.
To create a widget, click on one of the widget tools in the toolbar. Then, click on the canvas to create a new widget at that location. You can also click and drag on the canvas to create a box for the widget to fit inside.
Upon creation, a widget will automatically open a Properties window that allows you to alter its contents. See Creating a Widget for step-by-step instructions for setting up a simple widget.
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