Agent Timeline


Agent Timeline
While Chronicall's reports and Cradle to Grave features collect and display data about calls after they end, the Realtime module allows you to view your agents' activity as it happens. The Agent Timeline view displays this information in a clear graphical format that makes it easy to see everything happening at once. 
To access the Agent Timeline, select Agent Timeline in the Call History section of the Chronicall Homepage.
Agent Boxes
When you start the Agent Timeline, a list of your agents appears on the left side of the page. Each agent box displays the agent's photo, name, extension, current activity, and length of time spent in the current activity. If the agent is on a call, the name or phone number of the party they are connected to is also displayed.
To change an agent's photo, right-click anywhere in their box and select Change User Image.
Agent boxes also contain a list of hunt groups the agent belongs to. A check mark appears next to the groups the agent is currently logged in to, while the groups the agent is not logged in to are shown with a bullet point. To specify the hunt groups you want to display on an agent's box, right-click anywhere in their box and select Visible Groups. Up to three groups can be displayed at once.
An icon to the right of each agent box shows whether or not the agent has set his status to Do Not Disturb (DND). An active DND status will turn the icon red . If DND is off, this icon will be gray .
To rearrange agents, click on an agent's box and drag them up or down to the desired position. To hide an agent, you can either right-click anywhere in the agent's box and select Hide (Agent's Name), or click on the Filter Displaying Agents  button. From there, you can select the agents you want to hide or display.
Agent Timelines
Extending to the right of each agent box is a live timeline that displays the agent's activity over the past five minutes. It updates constantly as it scrolls to the left, showing you up-to-date information without the need to refresh or reload.
Hold the CTRL key and scroll the mouse wheel up to zoom in or down to zoom out. Click on any agent's timeline and drag it to the left or right to move through recent history. To skip to any time since Agent Timeline was installed, click on the time ticker at the top of the frame. This will open a Date/Time window similar to the one used in Cradle to Grave. Choose a day and start time, then press OK. To get back to the live timeline, press the Play  button to the right of the time ticker.
Each timeline is split into three vertical sections. The top section shows the agent's current call activity. Each section's color represents a different activity.
  • Blue: Dialing
  • Purple: Voice Mail
  • Green: Talking
  • Cyan: Listening
  • Dark Green: Conference
  • Red: On Hold
  • Yellow: Ringing
  • Gray (Empty): Idle 
To view these colors, click on the Color Legend  button above the agent boxes. You can specify your own colors by clicking on one of the colored rectangles. A Select Color window will appear, allowing you to choose a new color. To restore a default color, click the Reset to Default button in the Select Color window.
The middle section of an agent's personal timeline is the Do Not Disturb bar. This will fill in with a red bar while the agent has set his status to Do Not Disturb.
The bottom section shows up to three of the hunt groups the agent is assigned to. While an agent is logged in to a hunt group, that section will fill in with a blue bar.
You can hover your cursor over any of these sections to view them in greater detail.
Live Columns
The Live Columns view organizes your agents into columns based on their current activities. You can access it by clicking on the Live Columns  button in the top left corner of the screen. Live Columns sorts agents in descending order by the duration of their current state, meaning that the agent who has been in their state the longest is shown on top, while the agent with the shortest duration is shown at the bottom.
You can zoom in or out by holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel up or down.
To return to Agent Timeline, click on the Agent Timeline  button next to the Live Columns button.
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