Updating Chronicall

Getting the Update
To update Chronicall, you will first need your serial key, which can be found inside Chronicall by clicking Help, then About Chronicall. Copy your serial key and paste it into the empty field at, then click Submit. Select the file called Chronicall Update. Select Save File, if prompted. Imporant Note: The Chronicall update must be run on the server where Chronicall is installed. Chronicall updates do not usually take more than 60 seconds to complete, but you may wish to perform them during low call volume hours in case they take longer.
You can be notified of available updates by logging into Chronicall as an administrator and clicking System Settings, then Basic Settings, and changing the "Notify for minor updates" to True. Afterwards, when an update is available, you will see a "Update Available" link in Chronicall's System Status.
Download the Chronicall Update for Windows, and simply run the executable. The wizard will walk you through the rest of the process.
Download the Chronicall Update for Linux, then open the command terminal and navigate to the directory where the setup file was downloaded.
cd download_location
Unzip the downloaded file using unzip, followed by the filename.
Navigate into the new directory using cd.
cd ipo_3_8_chronicall_update_3_8_1
At this point, log in as the root user if you haven't already done so. Then run a command to change into an executable file.
chmod +x
The last step is to launch No additional parameters or arguments are needed.
Offline Updates
Chronicall can be updated in an offline environment, you simply need to get the Chronicall update onto the server where Chronicall is installed and run it there. However, if you've purchased new licenses and need to renew your license file, follow the steps below.
To update Chronicall offline, you will need to take the following steps:
  1. Send an email to Xima Support with your serial key and any information that may help us understand why Chronicall is not connected to the Internet. If it is simply a technical issue, we may be able to help you solve it.
  2. Xima Support with respond with a license file.
  3. Download and transfer Chronicall Update and the license file onto your Chronicall server.
  4. Copy the license file into the Chronicall directory, usually found at C:\Program Files(x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall.
  5. Run Chronicall Update.
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