User Accounts

Access User Accounts

To access the Chronicall user account settings, expand the User Management section on the main menu and select User Accounts. The User Account creation tool will appear.


Add / Edit Users

Adding a User
When you first log in, the only user in Chronicall's system is the Administrator. To add a new user, select New User from the drop-down menu labeled User and fill out the requested information. Both the Login Name and Password are case sensitive. Once a user's information has been submitted, that user can enter the information to log in to Chronicall. Note that multiple people can utilize a single account simultaneously.

Editing a User
To change a user's name, password, or access privileges, choose the user from the drop-down User menu. Their information will appear in the remaining fields. As an added security measure, the number of characters shown in the password fields will not match the actual number of characters in the user's password. 
Change the content of any field and press Save to update the user's information. You can also delete a user by pressing the Delete button in the bottom left corner.
It is recommended that you change the main Administrator's password the first time you log in to prevent unauthorized access.
User Rights 
Users can have one of three levels of access to Chronicall's information and systems: Administrator, Manager, or User.

Administrators have full access to all of Chronicall's functions and settings.  
Managers can access all call information, including Reports, Recordings, and Realtime. They can also create and manage users.  
By default, normal users are also able to access all information, but this access can be limited on an individual basis by an administrator or manager. To change a user's level of access, select Edit User Access. A window containing Cradle to Grave, Call Detail View, Reporting, Recording, and Realtime tabs will open. Each of these tabs allows you to limit the user's access to that feature by choosing Partial Access, or even disable it altogether by choosing No Access in the Access Level drop down-menu. 
  • Cradle to Grave / Call Detail View: Specify which phone users the account will be able to see within Cradle to Grave / Call Detail View. You can limit the account to see all calls the user makes or just calls that go to specified groups.
  • Reporting: Under the General Access level you can limit permission to create or schedule reports. The Accessible Reports section limits which reports that user can run. The Accessible Groups and Accessible Agents sections limit which phone users or groups the account can report on.
  • Recording: If the Disable Recording Monitor Access? option is checked, the account will not be able to use Recording Monitor. 

    You can also specify which recordings will show up for each phone user and specify whether the account can listen, download, or delete certain recordings. First check which phone users you want the account to see recordings for, then click the Downloading or Deleting tabs to limit whether they can Download or Delete said users recordings.
  • Realtime: The Canvas Permissions section will let you choose whether the account can Create Canvases and which existing Canvases can be seen or modified. The Accessible Groups and Accessible Agents sections limit which phone users or groups the account can add to Realtime widgets.
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