Accessing Chronicall Database from a Remote Computer

The instructions given in this article should be followed by system/database administrators only. Xima Software is not responsible for any lapse in call logging due to tampering with database configurations.
By default, the Chronicall database only allows connections from localhost/, and will do so without requiring a password. Regardless of any additional connection options you set up, this connection must not be changed.
To add a new connection, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall\postgres\data.
Modify the following documents. Be sure that as you add apostrophes to each document that you are using prime apostrophes, not forward or backward apostrophes.

Change #listen_addresses = 'localhost' to listen_addresses = '*'
Note: Make sure to take out the hash (#) or else the database will ignore this line. 

Locate the list of available connections 
As stated above, make sure that the following entry is not deleted as you edit this file.
host  all  all  trust
To allow password-protected connections from any computer on your network, add the following line to the list.
host  all  all  md5
Use the following line to allow password-protected connections from a specific computer. The IP address used here is only a sample and should be replaced with the IP address of the specific computer you want to allow access from.
host  all  all  md5
To allow connections from a specific computer without a password, add the following line. Again, the sample IP address here should be replaced.
host  all  all  trust
After saving these files, stop the Chronicall Database service, then restart the Chronicall service. For more information, see Stopping and Starting Chronicall Services.
*NOTE* - If you do not stop the Chronicall Database Service and just restart the Chronicall service you will not be able to make a connection.  Make sure the Chronicall Database service gets stopped as well as the Chronicall service.
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