Event Type Definitions

Calls in Chronicall are stored as collections of events. These are the building blocks that make up a call, and they include Ringing, Talking, Dialing, and more. The easiest way to see these events listed out is by opening Cradle to Grave and expanding a call. The following is a list of each event type and what they mean.

 Auto Attendant
An event where the caller is listening to and interacting with an auto attendant. This is frequently the first event found in an inbound call.
An event where three or more parties are talking together in a conference. In Cradle to Grave, Conference events can be expanded further to see the Talking events inside. They are also listed in a separate section at the bottom of the window.
An event where the agent picks up their phone. Usually, this means they are dialing a number. These will only appear in outbound and internal calls.
An event where the caller is placed in a hold state. The agent who placed the caller on hold is the only agent who will be able to pick them back up.
When a call comes in to a hunt group, but no agents are available, you can configure your phone system to redirect the call to a different hunt group. An Overflow event will be created when this happens.
A Park event is similar to a Hold event, except callers on park can be picked up by other agents.
When a call is directed to a hunt group (by the auto attendant, a direct number, or a transfer) but there are no agents available to answer the call, the call will enter a queue for that hunt group, if enabled. This event represents the caller waiting to be answered by an available agent.
An event where the agent's phone is ringing.
An event where the agent is talking to an external party or another agent.
An event that is created when a transfer is made from one agent to another. These appear immediately after Transfer Hold events.
 Transfer Hold
A Hold event that is created while the agent is in the process of transferring the caller to another agent.
An event where the caller is in the voicemail box. Most of this time will be spent leaving a message, but any other action that can be taken within the voicemail box will also be counted here.
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