Importing and Exporting Reports


Importing Reports

Standard and custom reports can be exported and used in other instances of Chronicall by using the Import / Export feature. Many reports can be bundled into one .xra (Xima Report Archive) file. Xima support will often send reports to you in this format. To import them, select Import / Export from the Chronicall Homepage.

The Report Archiver will open. Click the Import button in the bottom left corner.
In the Open window, navigate to the report archive you want to import. Select it and click Open.
Your reports will be imported. If there are any naming conflicts between your existing reports and the reports contained in the archive, you will be given the option to rename the new report, leave the new report out of your system, overwrite the old report, or cancel the import process.
Once the process is complete, you will be able to run the new reports as usual.
Exporting Reports
To bundle your reports into .xra files that can be imported and used on other instances of Chronicall, open the Report Archiver by selecting Import / Export from the Chronicall Homepage.
A list of your available reports appears on the left. You can search and filter through these reports the same way you can while running them. Double-click on a report or click Add Report in the bottom right corner to add it to the list on the right. This list shows the reports your .xra file will contain.
A Save window will open. Choose a location and a name for your archive, then click Save. The .xra file will be created and stored in that location.
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