Chronicall Desktop Installation

Chronicall Desktop can be downloaded from Chronicall's login screen when opened in a web browser. Click Download Chronicall Desktop at the top of the screen.
*The url for your Chronicall Homepage will be http://ChronicallServerIPAddress:9080 
For example:
*Note: If you are using a browser that does not support Java (i.e. Chrome), you will not see the login screen pictured above but will see the next window below
You will be taken to another screen that explains Chronicall Desktop's features. Click Download Chronicall Desktop to download the setup file.
Once the setup file has been downloaded, run it. Select the components you would like to install and press Next.
The chosen components will be installed. The Chronicall Desktop shortcut functionality is explained below. The browserless Chronicall shortcut will be labeled simple as "Chronicall." The auto-launching full screen shortcut is labeled "Chronicall Fullscreen." It will ask for a username and password and will then open directly to a fullscreen Realtime Stats page.
When the installation process is finished, you will be asked to enter Chronicall's location. Enter the address normally used to access Chronicall in the web browser and press OK.
Chronicall Desktop will then start itself and display a login window. Enter your user name as it appears in your phone system, followed by your extension in parentheses. Your default password is your extension. Press OK to log in.  (If you need to update this information the entry is stored in a file located at c:\Users\<username>\.chronicall\documentbase.txt)
A Xima icon will appear in your taskbar. Right-click on it to open a list of features and options. If you have been given access to Dashboards features, these will also be available. See Agent Dashboards Setup for more information.
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