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Chronicall Desktop is a set of free tools that can be downloaded and installed on any computer. These tools allow you to open the Chronicall web client as a standalone application, launch Realtime canvases directly to full screen mode, and allow users to send each other chat messages and files. Chronicall Desktop also includes its own installation of Java, meaning you won't be required to keep Java up to date on each user's computer in order to keep using Chronicall.

Logging In to Chronicall Desktop

With Chronicall Desktop installed, a login window will appear automatically when you start up your computer. You can also launch Chronicall Desktop by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or finding it in your programs menu. 
Chronicall Desktop uses separate credentials from the main Chronicall interface. You can log in to Chronicall desktop by entering your name as it appears in the phone system, followed by your extension in parentheses. Your default password is your extension.
Changing the Default Password
Each user may continue to use their extension as their default password but if they desire to change the password, the user can follow these steps:
  1. While logged in to Chronicall Desktop, right-click on the system tray icon for Chronicall
  2. Select "USER"
  3. Select "Change Password"
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