Agent Dashboards Setup

Agent Dashboards licenses are sold on a simultaneous user basis. This means that if you have 5 Dashboards licenses, up to 5 users can use Dashboards features at the same time.
Once Agent Dashboards licenses have been purchased and Chronicall has been restarted on the server, the Agent Dashboards icon on the left of the Chronicall Homepage will be lit up. This means you have purchased and activated Agent Dashboards licenses.
Next, a list of eligible Dashboards users needs to be created. This can be done from Chronicall's system settings. Expand the Agent Dashboards section and open Dashboards Agents. In this window, select the users you want to give Dashboards access to and move them to the list on the right using the arrow buttons. You can move the selected users up or down in the priority list with the Up and Down buttons. Arranging this list is important because if there are no seat licenses available when an agent logs into Dashboards, a license will be taken from another user lower on the priority list.
Once this is done, these users will be able to log into and begin using Agent Dashboards simply by logging into Chronicall Desktop.
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