Busy / Reason Codes

Reason Codes are the options your users will see when they put themselves on DND, Not Ready, log out of a group or log out of their phones. These allow the users to explain why they are unavailable. These values are also measured in historical reports and realtime wallboards.
To configure the reason code box to appear on an agent's dashboard, first click on Agent Dashboard Configuration on the home screen then: 
Busy Codes: Options for the agent when they press DND on their phone, blocking all call traffic
Multimedia Busy Codes: Options for agents assigned to skill groups who can put themselves in a "Not Ready" state blocking skill group calls only.
*Only applies to customers with Multimedia licenses
Group Log Out Codes: Options for an agent when they remove themselves from a group 
Extension Log Out Codes: Options for an agent when they logout of their extension
To add a reason code, select Add Reason Code. Once you have entered a code, select users in the list on the left and check the box next to the new code in order to enable that code for that user. Please note that you may select more than one agent at a time by holding CTRL as you select them. 
When you are finished, press OK
Only after an agent has re-launched their Chronicall Dashboard will they see these options as it is a necessary step to pull down the settings from the Chronicall server. This can be done by right-clicking on the Xima system tray icon and selecting Relaunch
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