Realtime Icons

The following is a list of icons you may see while using Realtime features.

   Inbound: This agent is involved in an inbound call.

   Outbound: This agent is involved in an outbound call.

   Internal: This agent is involved in an internal call.

   Talking: This agent is talking on the phone.

   Ringing: This agent's phone is ringing.

   Dialing: This agent is dialing a number on their phone.

    Hold: This agent is on hold.

   Voicemail: This agent is checking their voicemail, or a voicemail is being left                           for them.

    Conference: This agent is involved in a conference call.

  DND status off: This agent is not in DND status.

  DND status on: This agent is in DND status.

       Logged out: This agent is logged out of the associated group.

      Logged in: This agent is logged in to the associated group.

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