How is an "End User" in CUCM represented in Chronicall?

Chronicall represents end users configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) as agents within the Chronicall software. They will display in Chronicall as:

"End User First Name" + SPACE + "End User Last Name" + "(" + PRIMARY_EXTENSION + ")"

For example: Charles Matson(4012)

End users are linked to their phones in the "Controlled Devices" field of the End User Configuration page within Cisco Unified CM Administration. An end user will be represented as an agent within Chronicall as long as they have one or more phones associated in the "Controlled Devices" field. If there are multiple devices, each time something happens on any of the controlled devices, it will be represented as the corresponding agent participating in that activity within Chronicall. It is common to have both a physical phone as well as a Jabber and/or mobile client. You can also have multiple physical phones.

For example, Charles Matson has two physical phones:

If Charles picks up the phone to make a call on either device, Chronicall will show that "Charles Matson(4012)" is dialing. After he finishes entering the number, Chronicall will show the ringing and subsequent talking events.

Here in Agent Timeline you'd never know which phone Charles is using to make calls. You can, however, run reports and call detail view queries to see which device the call was actually placed from (in this example it was SEP00036BE7BEA3). All Cisco CDR fields are available for use in Chronicall

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