Where do the groups in Chronicall come from within CUCM?

Groups in Chronicall are created from three different places within Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). These groups also behave differently depending on where they come from.

  1. Hunt Lists: This is the standard way of creating and representing a group of agents that all take a certain type of call. As part of a hunt list group, an agent can log in and out of their groups by using the HLog button on their phones. Chronicall is able to track when agents are logged in and out. Ringing events to to this type of group will display as queuing in Chronicall.
  2. Shared Lines: Cisco allows you to add the same directory number to multiple devices, shared by multiple agents. In Chronicall these shared directory numbers appear as a group. Agents cannot log in and out of shared lines. Ringing events to to this type of group will display as queuing in Chronicall.
  3. UCCX Skills: If using UCCX, there is another type of group that will appear. These are the UCCX skill groups. UCCX skills will have more detail than the other group types. Chronicall tracks each call as it moves through queues, auto-attendants, route points, agent offers, applications, etc. and those details can be reported on. Skill groups track agent login and logout time as well.
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