How to Configure Queued Callback

Queued Callback has both Skill specific settings and system wide settings, each is laid out below.

Skill Specific

Queued Callback is configured within a Multimedia Skill. For more information on how to create a Skill, please review this article. You will find the Queued Callback options within the Skill settings. Access these settings by going to Multimedia Skills and expand the skill in question.


Queued Callback Strategy: If you have the Queued Callback Feature, you can define your Queued Callback Strategy here. The three options are:

  • No Queued Callback: Calls in this skill will not utilize Queued Callback.
  • Wait in Queue: Calls that accept a Queued Callback will wait until they are first in line. Once the caller is first in line, the phone system will attempt to call that person and offer them a call. If accepted, the person will be connected to the queue until their call is answered. This is recommened in enviroments where call durations are short and Agent time is precious.
  • Reserve Agent: Calls that accept a Queued Callback will wait until it is their turn. Once it's the caller's turn, an Agent will be removed from the queue and the phone system will attempt to call the person to offer them a call. If accepted, the person will be connected to the reserved Agent. This is recommended if average call durations vary in length. Note: if the reserved Agent chooses to become unavailable (by pressing DND for example), then the caller will be placed first in queue.

Queued Callback Snooze: If a caller doesn't answer a Queued Callback call or chooses to snooze the call, this is the duration of time Chronicall will waiting before triggering the phone system to attempt another call back.

Outbound Call Prefix: Phone systems typically require a digit to be pressed prior to connecting to an external line. For example, if I wanted to dial my customer at "888-555-1234". I first need to press 9 and then enter those digits, resulting in "98885551234". This setting alerts the skill to dial this prefix prior to entering the digits submitted by the caller during the Queued Callback prompt.

System Wide

Other Queued Callback settings can be accessed by expanding Admin (System), selecting System Settings, and then expanding Multimedia Voice Seat. The following settings are relevant to Queued Callback:

  • Max Callback Attempts: When a recipient fails to answer their phone or press one of the options presented, Chronicall will count the event as a Callback Missed. This number designates how many times Multimedia will attempt to reach a user before aborting. 
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