Program IP Office and Voicemail Pro for Multimedia

Chronicall's Multimedia works with the IP Office and Voicemail Pro to route calls to your liking. The steps below demonstrate how to configure the IP Office and Voicemail Pro to send calls to Multimedia.

Note: This article assumes Multimedia has already been installed. If it has not been installed, please see this guide.

IP Office

The IP Office needs to be configured to send calls to Multimedia. We do this by creating IP Office Users with SIP extensions and placing those Users within a Hunt Group.

User and Extension

Purpose: To create new User accounts in Avaya IPO for each 3rd Party SIP endpoint. Once created, assign the User accounts to actual SIP extensions or create new SIP extensions so that Chronicall Multimedia can route calls to the actual agent.

  1. Open Avaya IP Office Manager
  2. Pull a local system configuration
  3. Create a new User for each license of an Avaya 3rd Party SIP Endpoint you wish to assign to Multimedia (ex, if you have 3 SIP endpoint licenses, create 3 new Users). Use the following settings:
    • Create a Name on the User tab
    • Create a Password on the User tab
    • Re-enter the password on the Confirm Password field on the User tab
    • Account Status as Enabled on the User tab
    • Full Name as described in the Name field on the User tab
    • Extension on the User tab
    • Profile drop down set to ‘Basic User’
    • Select ‘Exclude from Directory’ on User tab
    • Remove ‘Voicemail On’ in the Voicemail tab
    • Select ‘Call Waiting On’ in Telephony tab
  4. As you hit OK to add a new User, you will be prompted to add a new VOIP extension to be created and assigned to the User account. Select SIP Extension and select OK.
  5. Go to the new SIP Extension that was created. Verify that the User account that
    you created is assigned to the SIP Extension.
  6. Click on the ‘VOIP’ tab and select from the ‘Reserve License’ drop down the
    option: ‘Reserve 3rd party IP endpoint license’.

Hunt Group

Purpose: Create a hunt group in Avaya IP Office. This group is created to route calls to the provisioned IP Office Users and fail over if necessary.

  1. Go to Groups, right click on Group and select ‘Add’.
  2. Create a new Group entitled ‘Multimedia’.
  3. Provide an appropriate ‘Extension’ number.
  4. Set Ring Mode to 'Collective Call Waiting'.
  5. Disable Voicemail by deselecting 'Voicemail On' under the Voicemail tab.
  6. Place all Users previously created within this group's 'User List'.
  7. For resiliency, enable Overflow and choose an appropriate destination for calls to overflow to should the SIP extensions become fully utilized or the Multimedia service fail.
  8. Press OK.

Incoming Call Route

Purpose: Create an Incoming Call Route to direct calls to Voicemail Pro. If you already have an Incoming Call Route you'd like to use then you may skip this step.

  1. Select an Incoming Call Route or create a new one.
  2. In the Destinations tab, Default Value and Destination field, type in
    ‘VM:Multimedia’ then hit OK.

Once these settings are configured, save and reboot the IP Office.

Voicemail Pro

Create Module

Purpose: Create a Call Flow entitled ‘Multimedia’. If you already have a module that you'd like to use then you may skip this step.

  1. Right click on Modules and select Add
  2. A new window will appear with heading ‘Adding a new start point’. Type 'Multimedia' in the name field and hit OK.

Menu Configuration

Purpose: Create a Menu in order to get callers to Chronicall's Multimedia and route them to a desired skill. You can use a module of your choice or the module created above. 

  1. Select ‘Basic Actions’
  2. Select ‘Menu’ and drag it onto the screen
  3. In the Menu, create a greeting whereby you greet the caller and provide them a menu, or auto attendant options. Create a Menu option with at least 1 Touch Tone selection. 
  4. If the Auto Attendant option is to press ‘1’ for ‘Support’, please insert a ‘Transfer’ action from the Telephony Options into the call flow and link the Menu option 1 to the Transfer action.
  5. Inside the Transfer action, select the tab ‘Specific’.
  6. In the Destination field, type the Hunt Group extension created earlier for Multimedia.
  7. In the Description (displayed on phone) field, enter the name of the Multimedia Skill group tag (which you will program within Chronicall) that this call should be routed to. Important Note: you cannot have spaces in the ‘Description’ field. If you have 2 words, you must combine them, like 'MySkill'. The tag field is also case sensitive so make sure it matches exactly!

Save the Voicemail Pro configuration.


SIP Extensions

Purpose: Configure Multimedia to register with the IP Office Users configured earlier.

  1. Open Chronicall and Navigate to Admin (System) > System Settings
  2. Expand Multimedia Voice Seat and select SIP Extensions
  3. The SIP Extension window will appear. Enter the User profile extensions created in Avaya IP Office under the Chronicall Multimedia ‘SIP Extension’ field and the corresponding password from the same User extensions in Avaya IP Office in the ‘Password’ field.
  4. Press OK
  5. Save System Settings

 Be sure to test your SIP extensions to ensure they are registered with Multimedia!

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