Agent Doesn't Appear In Chronicall After Changing Name In Phone System

After Changing an agents name in the phone system some licenses need to be reassigned in Chronicall.


**If this is a Communication Manager site and the agent is moving stations a TSAPI license will need to be assigned to the station the agent will be using if more than CDR data is needing to be gathered. If they are using the same station the license should already be assigned. To assign a TSAPI license go to (System Settings > Communication Manager > TSAPI License Assignment)


1) Go to System Settings > Site > Licensed Users.

Select the agents new name in here. Then save the settings.


2) Go to System Setting > Agent Realtime Seats

If the agent will be monitored using Realtime then you would need to assign the agent a Realtime License.


3) Settings > Recording Library > Recording Rules

If the agent will be recorded using a VRTX device the agent will need to be added to the recording rule.


4) If user accounts are setup in Chronicall to limit what agents users can see. The user accounts that need to see this agent will need to be edited.

Go to User Management > User Account > Select the user in the drop down menu and click edit user access.

Each section the user will need to see the agent in will need to be adjusted. So if they need to see the agent in Cradle to Grave, Reports, Recording, and Realtime. The agent will need to be selected on all four of those tabs.


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